Managed Backup

Protecting your business-critical data.

$15 per month for a computer, $35 per month for servers. UNLIMITED data.

Are you prepared for the following?

  • Damage from fire, flood, theft – or worse
  • User-error resulting in deletion of important files
  • Losing data that’s critical to your business
  • Backup not working
  • Forgetting to backup
  • Major server problems

We keep your data safe….

Basic Backup – Critical business machine backup and daily reporting gives you peace of mind

Comprehensive Backup – Server and workstations backup, data archiving and continuity services, robust protection for all eventualities

….to keep your business running


  • “Our back-up didn’t work and I lost access to crucial customer details”
  • “Our office was flooded, resulting in no access to IT for several days. This has a massive impact on our sales ”
  • “When our server goes down the whole office grinds to a halt, meaning lost revenue”


  • “Back-up is done automatically, which saves me the stress and worry about accessing vital files”
  • “We’re now prepared for any major IT issue – whatever the cause – and have 24/7 access to data – quickly”
  • “Quarterly risk reports, archiving and a speedy recovery service mean downtime is no longer a threat to our business”

How does it work?

  • Take a step at a time or go for a full, integrated solution consisting of monitoring, recovery, and risk analysis
  • Quick, simple setup which can be done remotely or at your premises
  • Easy to use and no experience required
  • Affordable – $15 per month per computer, unlimited data
  • Developed to meet requirements of growing businesses

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